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Comprehensive professional pet skin care

“Solving your pet’s skin problems without medication”

I still remember that when I was a child, grandpa had a yellow dog with a skin problem. Grandpa spent a lot of money and a lot of effort. Despite that, the dog’s condition never saw significant improvement, and the yellow dog passed away after a few years, leaving Grandpa grieving.


Looking at my four pets now, I wonder from time to time: How does time go so fast in their world?  And in such a short time span, how much of their life was spent with skin diseases?


Because Taiwan is hot and humid, the repeated eczema, infections, and dermatitis are often only controlled with drugs. I’m always worried about whether their small bodies can bear the burden. 

“Is there a chemical-free way to solve my pet’s skin problems?” 

This simple intention, combined with my mother's R&D resources, gave birth to #GoodMo Family after a year.


GoodMo in Mandarin means returning to the foundation and rebuilding protection.

It also connotes fastidiousness in Taiwanese, a philosophy we take pride in.

Your pet, lovingly cared for in the GoodMo Family!

“We understand your pet’s unspeakable skin problems”

Since this class of products is rare on the market, we were worried in the R&D stage whether it would be accepted. Despite this, I still want pets and owners who suffer from skin troubles to have a real and deeper option without side effects. We can endure any hardship as long as it’s for our pets.

"Pure, revitalizing, true nutrients."

Our PhD-led team has integrated 30 years of experience with regenerative medicine and collaborated with a national academic animal hospital to monitor product safety! Our skincare knowledge is ground-breaking in quality, product type, and the norm. 


Only when embracing these breakthroughs can we truly understand the silent cries of the animals when scratching and licking and help reduce mistakes, anxiety, and costs.


Dear pet parents, please join this revolution of pet skin care for the advanced and visible healing, and release from the skin’s vicious circle:


✓Advanced, visible healing of the skin, releasing the skin from the vicious circle of repeated attacks
✓Let the cleaning return to the original point of skin care, reduce the irritating fragrance and the restriction of medicine
✓Natural protection of ear canals, exterminating the nightmare of sticky ear cleaning

First pet supplies brand to receive Gold at the Entrepreneurship Business Award

We stood out among 248 companies after four months of preparation. The moment when the Minister of Economy handed the trophy to us, we felt a sense of responsibility in addition to excitement and pride.


In this day and age of advanced communication and a plethora of choices, it is really not an easy task to build a brand.


The affirmation from the award is our greatest encouragement. GoodMo Family firmly believes that good products speak for themselves. However, we grow in the future, the intention to care for our pets’ skin will never change.

The only SNQ-certified 🥇 pet skin care brand.

SNQ is the highest honor for pet supplies in Asia. Behind the certification is half a year of hard work by the team from product proposals, presentations to multiple reviews by professionals from every fiend. Each step truly proves our determination and hard work on pet skin care.


The certification is a firmer assurance of our product safety to pet parents. We will set the most finicky example to keep improving our products from raw material source certification, scientific evidence of formula, professional and qualified factories, to product-related safety inspections.

We established a counter at Top City Taichung in 2020🎊

At the end of 2020, GoodMo Family was invited to Top City Taichung for the first time to give pet parents a different experience at the counter. Having a counter at a department store represents the growth of the brand. Our team looks forward to having more interactions with you in the days to come.

"It's not just the skin of the pet that is healed, but also the guilt and distress of the owner."

I will never forget an encounter at the Kaohsiung Pet Fair in June 2019 with an owner that we just met telling us in tears the experience of caring for her pet's skin. Repeated skin problems that weren’t solved with medication had made her helpless and exhausted, sentiments I think shared by many pet parents.

"What I bought is a piece of hope. I hope my pet can be better before she leaves." 


Fortunately, because she did not choose to compromise, she did not give up any opportunity for a change. In the follow-up with our customer service, we learned that her pet finally became healthy. She couldn’t thank us enough from the other side of the phone.


At that moment, we deeply realized that GoodMo Family was not merely a brand. More importantly, we support each pet parent’s journey through stressful times.

At GoodMo Family, you are our family.

The connection with our caring customer service doesn’t stop at the moment you place an order.

“Our team provides comprehensive pet care methods no matter at a pet fair or on the website.” Owners who make purchases on the official website will receive a call from us when they receive the products to remind them of the correct usage to maximize effectiveness. Those who make purchases at pet fairs will get a one-to-one product tutorial as well as follow-up tracking of the pets’ conditions.

Every feedback and message motivate our progress. We want your pet to grow healthily and happily with our warm services.


As long as you are willing to give your pet a chance, we’ll always be here, striving for the better.