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Worldwide Shipping Guide

【Shopping Procedure】

✦ Join our membership

1. Register the account when first shopping.

2. To join our membership, you can fill your pet information and enjoy a gift voucher of maximum NTD 200 on your pet birthday month every year.


✦ How to buy

1. Select goods & add to shopping cart 

2. Sign in

3. Checkout your order

4. Choose delivery & payment method

5. Proceed to checkout

6. Fill in information

7. Check and submit your order


*Please be aware that the shipping procedures cannot be carried out on regular holidays and national holidays.


*It takes about 3 to 5 working days from ordering to receiving the goods. Orders are shipped in sequence.


✦ Credit card (Support Visa, Master, JCB)

✦ Line pay

✦ Union pay


*Handling fee depends on your card and issuing bank, you may contact issuing bank for more info.

*The actual amount will fluctuate according to the currency exchange rate. Please refer to the currency in NTD on checkout.

【Delivery Fee】


✦ Air Express from Taiwan to overseas


We can deliver the products to:

  • Hong Kong、Singapore、Malaysia(10 days)
  • Japan、Korea、United Kingdom、France、Germany(15 days)
  • Macau、USA、Canada(20 days)

【How to count your delivery fee】

  • Hong Kong  / Macau : At least NTD 150
  • Free delivery over NTD 3300// Duty free
  • Malaysia: At least NTD 220
  • Free delivery over NTD 3300// Duty free


  • Singapore: At least NTD 220
  • Free delivery over NTD 3300// Duty: SGD 400
  • USA: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: USD 800


  • Korea: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: KRW 16000


  • Japan: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: JYP 10000


  • Canada: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: CAD 60


  • France: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: EUR 22


  • Germany: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: EUR 22


  • United Kingdom: At least NTD 750
  • Free delivery over NTD 7000// Duty: EUR 15

*Special Attention

1. All the delivery does not include the duty fee.

2. For delivery areas other than Hong Kong, the recipient must fill in the full English name, not abbreviated.

3. The receiving address must be filled in the correct postal code.

4. Unable to deliver to PO Box.

5. If the delivery information is incorrect or the delivery cannot be contacted smoothly, and the package cannot be delivered, we will notify you; if do not receive your reply within two days, the package will be returned for processing, and all related expenses generated are the recipient's responsibility.

6. Invoice order details are enclosed with the package, so that you can check the ordered items.

【Returns & Refund】

1. Unless the package is rejected due to the defect of the product itself, an order is refunded after deducting the shipping cost incurred for the round-trip back to Taiwan (calculated at Taiwan Bank’s buying rate of the Hong Kong on the day). Therefore, please verify all information before placing an order.


2. International shipping is expensive and complicated. Except for the product defect, we do not accept product return or exchange. Please beware of this when placing an order. If you are not sure whether it is applicable to you, please contact customer service before placing an order.


3. Product returns are not accepted once unsealed.



1. How to cancel/change an order

Please notify us in the order communication column or contact us by the official Line/Facebook account, we will deal with your order as soon as possible.


2. Overseas orders should pay extra charge

Tariff and tax description: Due to differences in customs and tax regulations in various regions, international parcels may be subject to customs duties and taxes. The limit of duty-free parcels is determined by your local customs authority. After delivery, all local duties and taxes must be borne by the consumer. If the package cannot be paid, the package needs to be returned, and the return shipping fee and customs duties or taxes will be deducted.


3. After the order is established, can I change the address?

Due to the complicated delivery process of overseas orders, after the order is established, the delivery information cannot be modified. It is recommended that you cancel before shipping and place the order again.