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Pets are easy to scratch, do you know it has something to do with shampoo❓

Get rid of itchy snowflakes by doing the right weekly cleaning

Natural 🌿 Soothing 🌿 Stable


🐶 Regardless of age and muscle mass, dogs and cats can wash Peng Peng with peace of mind 🐱

It is not so difficult to solve the skin problems of dogs and cats 

Use the right shampoo according to pet's skin condition🙋‍♂️

#GoodMo shampoo Caring for dog and cat skin with amino acid base 🌱

🌻SSC-Allergy Relieving Pet Shampoo🌻

【Suitable for problem skin, sensitive skin, general skin use】
Help skin health, deep moisturizing, itchiness OUT
#aloe chamomile floral fragrance

🌸Flower Extract Refreshing Shampoo🌸

【Suitable for normal skin, oily skin】
Gently wash away oil, fresh and light, fluffy and not greasy after washing
#freesia plant extract flower fragrance

Why pet shampoo need to be used more cautiously than humans❓

The vulgar and big bowl of pet lotion is very simple, and there are many on the market

But whether the product is good or not, you will know after a wash

When you choose a shampoo, you just blindly pursue the price CP value

But it may have to spend more medical expenses, which is not worth it at all❌

🌻Pet skin is so fragile, quality requirements are the truth🌻

#SSC-Allergy Relieving Pet Shampoo, popular in pet exhibitions, unanimously recommended by experts💪

#Extraordinary Pet Shampoo, carrying all the gentleness to pets

The most healing and warm freesia aroma, let the smelly smell break up🌸

🌻Let the pets start from bathing, stay away from itching and sensitivity🌻

🌸Learn more about counter-level pet care🌸