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❗You must know❗

Degraded protein in fresh food and feed

Is the culprit of dental plaque, will calcify into dental calculus🦷

You can’t ignore pets’ oral cleaning habit! 💁

❗halitosis is the risk❗

Don’t miss the pet’s oral cavity warning sign.

🐶Pets don’t know what is like🐱

Only pet parents can decide!

#Goodmo Family

Pet Dental Care Champion🦷

✨Pet dental care series✨

#Pet Dental Fresh Spray

Quickly removes odor, kills unhealthy bacteria💥

👉After the experiment

eliminate strong garlic smell within 1 minute

#Pet Dental Care Gel

1.Clad and remove the tartar completely.

2.Allow pets with periodontal problems to keep better protection. Also, provide the relief on gums when applying a thick layer.

Special gel texture

👉offer advanced protection of oral cavity.

Goodmo Family Diligence

Pet parents can see

🏆Satisfaction Rate 98.8%🏆

Let’s see their good praise▼

Pet parent’s diligence will decide their health 🏃‍

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