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You know it's only 24 hours 💣

Will the plaque adhere to the hairy child's teeth❓

Daily oral hygiene is very important ❗

"GoodMo  Family" Oral Care 🦷 A good oral series

【#Pet Dental Fresh Spray】

Quickly feel deodorant, rich in beneficial bacteria to maintain good breath 💥

👉After experiment, 1 minute can remove the strong smell of garlic

【#Pet Dental Care Gel】

✔Completely cover the tartar and completely remove the tartar

✔Let the hairy child with periodontal problems apply a thick layer to protect the gums

👉Special gel texture, advanced oral care

🌻The GoodMo family saves the teeth immediately from the mouth🌻

Top Choice for Pet Oral Care

✨Thousands of  parents praised it ✨

💉 Reduce the risk of general anesthesia teeth cleaning for hairy children in the future🩸

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