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Pet’s weak L-shaped ear canal

🚨The key part that you usually overlook🚨

Do you think it’s normal when your pets often

Scratch ears and shake head?


《Goodmo Family》The organic formula

that has certified by European Union

Strengthen the ear canal system

🐶Keep away the sensitive ears🐱

If the pet gets any item

🚨that means the ear canals are unhealthy now


When the ear canal causes problems👂

Simply cleaning is not enough❌

[Ear Canal Care Set]


Pet Ear Cleaner + Pet Ear Revitalizer + SSC-Renewal Pet Cream

Construct the protection shield of pet ear canal

From internal to external ear maintain fully

Let your pets not to rely on the steroid💊

Ear Revitalizer and SSC-Renewal Cream contain the Ceramide 🌟

Make the ear system absorb the real nutrition 

for constructing the protection. 


#Ear Canal Care Set

Within 2 weeks, it helps the pet ears healthy.

 it's not a sudden miracle🌿

👇You can expect the changes👇

Cooperated with the doctor's 30 years of professional research and development


🌿Marvelous formula🌿

No drug resistance.

No need for the repeating use.

✨You can feel assured✨

🌻To know more🌻