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Return / exchange Policy

Return / Exchange Methods

International shipping is expensive and complicated. Except for theproduct defect, we do not accept product return or exchange. Please beware ofthis when placing an order. If you are not sure whether it is applicable to you, please contact customer service before placing an order.

Notes for overseas orders👉 Click Here

Per Consumer ProtectionAct,online shopping consumers are entitled to a hesitation period within 7days of the arrival of thegoods.


The following may affectyour return and exchange rights:

(1) Packaging damage,assembly or use of products, removal of tags, glue, seal, label, etc.

(2) Actions or incidentsunnecessary for the purpose of inspection or attributable to the buyer orrecipient that result in damage, loss, or alteration of the goods.

Instructions forReturn / Exchange Requests

  1. Please beware: Once the package of products is opened, it cannot be returned.
  2. We do not accept returns made 7 days after delivery (date on receipt).
  3. Contact our Facebook page or the official LINE account and tell us the order number and name. Please return all ordered products, accessories, and free items. If your payment method is not by credit card, please provide a bank account. After receiving your return request, we will immediately verify relevant information with you. 
  4. Returns for unpackaged products and partial returns are not accepted. Please return them in the original packaging. The returned goods must include everything (including free items) of the order. If all of the them are not properly packaged and sent back intact, you will be asked to make up for the postage.
  5. When your return request is approved, we will send delivery staff to the original delivery address based on the original information you filled in. We will pay for the return shipment.
  6. Used coupons are no longer valid after checkout is completed, and will not be returned after your return request is approved.
  7.  Once submitting a return request, you agree to our return policy and authorize us to void the invoice and handle related procedures on your behalf.
  8. If the bank of your refund account is different from the company's (Cathay Pacific), you will bear the transfer fees.

Refund procedure

After completing the returnprocedure, we will refund at the end of each month (30th or 31st).

Online payment with credit card

Refunded to the original credit card or a designatedaccount (actually processing time varies for each bank)

In-store pick-up

Refunded to a designated account

Convenient store code payment

Refunded to a designated account

ATM wiring

Refunded to a designated account

Cash on delivery

Refunded to a designated account



       The returned goods mustmaintain the integrity of the products, accessories, inner and outer packaging,free items, and all accompanying documents or information. Please do not forgetany accessories or damage the packaging.

        If you requested apaper invoice, please send the invoice back together.

       If the product is notdefective or damaged, and the returned products result in theremaining order not meeting the eligibility for free shipping (over NT$ 1000for a single order), the shipping cost will be deducted from the refundedamount.

       The hesitation period isnot a trial period. If the product has been used, and theproduct is returned or exchanged not due to the defect of itself, or theproduct is damaged due to failure to observe precautions, your right to returnmay be affected.

Contact us

If you have any questionsregarding return or refund, please contact us directly. Thank you!

• Customer service:04-36093248 (Monday to Friday 9:30~12:00, 13:00~18:00)

• E-mail:goodmofamily@gmail.com

•       Facebook:Goodmo歸毛家族

•      LINE@:@goodmo