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Q1:What should I do if my pet has skin problems, and what products are recommended?

The skin condition of each pet is different; it is recommended you consult our customer service for the most fitting suggestions. 

Live customer service with "Line" :@goodmo👉Click here


Q2:I bought your product but don't really know how to use it.

If you have any questions about usage, you can message us on Facebook,Line,or call customer service at (04)3609-3248.  After you receive the products, our customer service will also remind you of their proper usage. 


Q3:I'm not familiar with ordering online, can I call to place an order?

Of course you can! Call us at (04)3609-3248 to place your order, and we'll have someone at your service. 


Q4:I’m not sure if the product is suitable or if it works.

GoodMo Family’s products combine the 30 years of experience of regenerative medcine technoligy developed by our phD-led team , and are regularly inspected by SGS. It is also the first pet skin care brand to win gold at the Entrepreneurship Business Award.We also provide complete services: Before purchasing, you canshow pictures of your pet's condition to our customer service for evaluation. After-sales, we will also track the pets' condition to accompany you through the time you have to use the products. 


Q5:Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?

GoodMo Family is mainly sold online and pet fairs, please see 👉here for partnered physical stores.

Q1:Do I need to dilute the shampoo when I use it?

You may,but it's not necessary. Diluting makes it easier to lather up. It depends on your usage and habits.


Q2:Does the shampoo improve skin problems (e.g., eczema or fungal infection)?

A good pet shampoo can stabilize the skin of your pet, but if skin problems have occurred, it cannot be quickly improved by using the shampoo once in a while. It is recommended to use the #Soothing Pet Toner + Renewal Pet Cream for advanced repair for your pets. You get follow up with the GoodMo Family shampoo to stabilize the skin.


Q3:Can I use the GoodMo Family shampoo even if my animals don't have skin problems?

Yes,All GoodMo Family shampoos are free of drugs or plant extracts, which makes them mild and non-irritating, completely suitable for healthy skin.


Q4:What is the difference between GoodMo Family shampoos and other brands?

We developed formulas for what the skin really needs. It nurtures the skin and alleviates itchiness. Hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients prevent dryness and tightness for smooth, shiny hair.

Q1:How do I apply the products if my pet is furry?

When your pet has skin problems, It is recommended to trim the hair at tje affected area to about 0.5 cm  to ensure that the products are put on the skin rather than the hair. This also allows owners to stay on top of their pets’ conditions. 


Q2:Will anything happen if my pet licks the Pet Toner or the Pet Cream?

Our ingredients are natural, so  it is safe to ingest the products.However, it is strongly recommended to put a soft cone on your pet so as not to affect the recovery speed.


Q3: Are pet cones necessary?

For the best results,  it is strongly recommended that your pet wear a conewhen the skin is healing, especially cats and those who love licking feet. This will help prevent them licking the product off, which not only is a waste of the product, but also affects the healing speed!


Q4:Do I use it after washing my pet? How often should I use the product?

The products should be used three times a day in the first two weeks of healing. You don't need to wait until after washing to use the products. In addition, because this is not a medicinal product, you don’t have to split up the applications into morning, noon, and evening. You can apply 3 times within 2 hours.

For example, let’s say you’re only available after work. You can do the first application once you get home, the second after dinner. and the last before bed. That’s three applications. Otherwise, you can wait 15 minutes for the toner and cream to be absorbed before the next application. The key is not skipping out on any application so that your animals can heal fast and become healthy and beautiful again!


Q5:Is it necessary to use the whole set?

Not necessarily,but the "Toner + Cream" set provides the best effectiveness. The Soothing Toner provides the basic water-based cleansing and calming, and the Renewal Cream offers intense nourishment, repair, and protection, in the same way we use toner before lotion on our faces!


Q6:Are they drug-free? Any drug resistance?

The products do not contain any steroids, so it will not burden your pet’s body and skin. Instead, they provide the necessary nutrients for the skin’s self-repair. This differs from how most medicinal products work by inhibition, and thereby won't result in drug resistance.


Q7:How many sets should I get for my pet? How long does one set last?

The affected area for each pet is different, and how much to use varies with the size of the area. If the area is larger or there are multiple locations, it is recommended to use at least two sets with the frenduence of three times a day for one to two weeks.Pet parents can either make an estimation based on the affected area or directly consult customer service. 


Q8:How long should I use the products? Can I stop using once my pet is healed?

The size and severity of the affected area as well as the individual pets vary. On average,  correct usage yields visible treatment results in the first week, but it is recommended to use the products for two weeks.If there are remaining products after your pet’s skin is healed, you can use them once or twice a week as follow-up care to strengthen and stabilize the skin. 

Q1:How often do I use the Pet Ear Cleaner?

  • Regular ear cleaning + care: once a week
  • Slightly excessive earwax: once every 3 to 4 days


Q2:How do I know if my pet needs the Pet Ear Revitalizer?

Typical symptoms include odor, dark or brown discharge, redness, swelling, scratching of the back of the ear, head shaking, aversion to ears being touched. You need Pet Ear Revitalizer for advanced repair if your pet exhibits any of the above symptoms.

  1. Use the Cleaner once every 3 to 4 days
  2. with the Pet Ear Revitalizer daily.


Q3: I have other ear cleaners at home. Can I use them with the Pet Ear Revitalizer?

The Pet Ear Cleaner is not just an ear cleanser. Its special formula provides the primary water-based cleansing and water-oil balance for the ears. Use the Pet Ear Cleaner & Pet Ear Revitalizer for the best results.

Q1:How many days will I receive the order after placing it?

Your order will be shipped in 1-3 business days once placed.


Q2:What are the payment options?

We provide 3 payment methods: [online credit card payment / cash on delivery / convenient store code payment]. Please refer to 👉here  regarding purchasing.


Q3:How do I check my order?

After signing in, click on the [Order] tab in [My Account] to check your order.


Q4:How do I know that an order has been shipped?

  • If your delivery method is “in-store pick-up,” you’ll be notified by email when the order is shipped, and by text when it arrives at the store.
  • For home delivery, you’ll be either be notified by email or text message. (When the order status becomes “completed,” it means the package has been picked up.)


Q5:Is it possible to specify the delivery time for home delivery?

You may note in your order a preferred window (before 1 p.m./afternoon/evening), which we will inform the delivery company, but not a specific hour.